Friday, September 26, 2008

Singapore Grand Prix - F1 rocks!!

WOHOO!! F1 is amazing!! this time it's here in singapore.. singapore has done it again.. down in history with F1 first night race..
gotta thank my uncle if not for him i wun b able to experience it haha though its only a practise run.. i could already feel the tension of the race, smell of burning rubber and the "live" feel of F1 race haha it is simply AMAZING.. unforgetable experience haha
Took some pics of the area n video haha
heres the race map:

some vintage cars over at the F1 villlage.. quite cool

Ok.. walking down the road i went to the PIT GRANDSTAND.. though there is no race at that moment..i could imagine the sunday nite when either F alonso, lewis or Massa coming in the finish line.. the atmosphere is gg to.. WOW..
Quite a view over at the Pit Grandstand.. can c the flyer haha

here's the starting grid

the pit stop.. can see the F1 inside preparing
The best part of pit grandstand will be able to see the technicians working on the cars during the pit stop.. another WOW factor..

Haha how i wish i have a DSLR with me!!! tats the max my 4MP camera can zoom.. ARGH!!
Technican pushing the car..

WOHOO mecerdes safety car haha its a beauty man

starting Grid in view of camera man

haha this is funny! if you can see the word.. "do not feed the cameraman. Dangerous creatures" LOL.. they have got the beside angle view of the F1!!

walking along the track to Bay Grandstand.. hmm there are some "modified" cars at the flyer
Fiat punto? haha not sure

didnt really like the new GTR initally.. but the more i look at it.. its really a fierce! but i still prefer R34

Now for some action!! hmm this is not F1 but Formula BMW.. i tot it was cool but when i watch the F1 this Formula BMW is "chey" but still they are quite fast.. i took 10 shots to get this pic ahaha all the 9 shots are "blank" zzz whre is my DSLR!!!!

There the Aston Martin asia cup lining up to move out to starting grid.. there are a few singaporean drivers too.. haha like the one below.. even got a sg flag on top of it.. haha

a peek inside the car..

Up next is the Porsches race
There are also a few singaporean drivers in side.. look at this.. singapore owned lol
ok.. here is some action pic.. there are not as fast so my camera still can take it haha

Porsche line up after aston practise run..

Its about time for F1 1st practise run!! took my seat at BAY GRANDSTAND.. skyline of CBD area.. trying out manual mode of my camera.. hmm try out different shutter speed and aperture.. can tell the difference?

the F1 is.. TOO FAST!!! the sound is deafening!! its is totally different from porsche, aston or formula BMW.. omg.. F1 is out of the world..
When i manage to capture one F1 close up.. the pic is too dark!!!
ok.. GIVE UP on taking pic.. decided to take some video instead haha not v clear though.. whree is my DSLR!!!! ARGH
Anyway here r the videos!!! enjoy!!
F1 zoom pass just abt 2-3 m away from me.. OMG the sound is F. LOUD!!! the ear plugs are useless.. can even feel the vibration of the sound wave gg thru your body.. u have to experience it yourself..
Turn under Bay Grandstand

View from Grandstand

one vid of aston martin asia cup practise run
Thats all for all the pic n video.. man wanted to take more.. but batttery died out on me.. haiz.. DSLR!!!!!! i wan EOS!!!!!!
Haiz.. lastly hmm just some hoot i got fm the ferrari stall.. brought a cap ($70 damn ex)and the "survival" kit haha
its really a gd experience.. if you can.. at least feel it once in yr lifetime.. its really amazing.. if there is another F1 race in sg.. i will go again!! the next time i think i will have top buy the tic myself haha
Thats all for now!!! looking fwd to sunday finals!!!


  1. You are so lucky. Got a chance to go to the grandstand. How much did you oay for the tickets by the way?

  2. haha i got it free from my uncle haha nv read properly ah lol