Wednesday, October 15, 2008


WAHAHA at last!! my own spray booth now i can OTOT spray at night in my room!! haha

hmm brought the centrifugal blower and aluminum tube from hean lee at kelantan there.. n the black plastic cardboard from popular

hmm tried to cut out the shape of the blower n stuffs.. n finally after an hr of struggle.. its done!!

front view.. hmm the box abit out of shape haha but nvm la first time

side view.. hmm this view looks better haha looks a tv to mi haha

hmm did a small support to support the weight of the blower..

overall view the shape is horrible haha

total dmg.. 42+7=$49 haha

hmm 3 more wks to exam.. haiz.. after exam i will full time into gunpla!!! part time FYP haha

stay tune for updates..


  1. Can you share acts of kindness that you committed or witnessed on your travels with my blog?


  2. Nice booth! But the space still ok right for spraying? After exams my turn to buy compressor liao... u poison me le...