Sunday, July 27, 2008

WIP : Gouf Ignited (yzak Jule Custom)

hmm.. just up the primer onto this model.. did some mod to it..

hmm.. i extend the body and foot abit longer.. n make the head looks fiercer n sharper..
hmm.. next will b spraying.. still thinking using the original colors or custom..
But first.. need to get my compressor n airgun first.. still short of $$ haha
Hope can get it by next wk..
Working on Heavy Arms Custom also.. will post the pic up soon

Comments pls!!

Blaze Zaku Phantom ( Rey Za Burrel Custom )

hmm.. pls comment on my model!!

hmm.. just finish the 6 lesson from HAG.
Learnt alot from Sam.. Thanks!!

Will be upload more pic of this model when i'm free

Now working on another model. also another Zaku.. lol

look forward to my WIP!!