Saturday, September 13, 2008


WOHOOO my new hoot!! got it yest at Mworkshop hmm wanted to get F-14 but someone brought all 6 of it from the shop the day b4!! WTH.. gotta wait til next fri b4 they restock..
anyway F-16 is the last one haha so i took it b4 its sold out

the box.. quite small.. total damage: $12.90

hmm duno y when i load up the pic it turn upright.. anyway this the instruction manual n decal
for the amount of plastic used..12.90 its kinda ex.. but its cute haha hmm quite surprice there are 2 decal.. nice..

the idiot proof manual.. its so damn ez that you can build the plane w/o even looking at the manual hahah hmm jsut by putting them tog.. hmm took abt 15 mins.. then abt another 20-30 mins to remove the seamlines..
this is not a snap n go model.. hmm you will need glue or cement to glue then tog
hmm i use blue tag to fix them tog as i will b spraying them separately.
oh ya.. the plane comes with a pilot too lol
Anyway enjoy the pic!!

Angled front view

Front view

45 degree side view

Side view

Back view
Overall feel for this eggplane series.. hmm easy to build.. hard to give it a "wow" feel haha as the model lacks detailing but the decal makes up for it..
It would be a wonderful present for all ages.
thats all for now.. wats left is airburshing!! man.. i have 3 model in the Q haha
Stay tune for further updates!!!!

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