Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wip: updates on heavy arms

hmm just an update on heavy arms..

hmm most of the parts are painted.. left the weapons.. some decal and top coat..
didn't do a gd paint work on heavy arms.. kinda disappointed.. hope the next one will be better..

will post more action pic when i've completed the whole model..

2 more papers before my exams are over.. sianz..

stay tune for more updates.. =)

Friday, November 14, 2008

EXAM!! n my EOS 450D!!!

Yo.. long time since my last post haha exam period now.. total 7 papers!! WTF rite.. final yr still have to take so many papers.. zzzz i just took 3 papers consecutively on wed thurs fri.. hell man.. damn tiring.. next paper will be thurs n fri.. man.. another killer combo haiz

Anyway i just brought my 1st DSLR!! WAHAHA Canon EOS 450D haha burnt a big hole in my pocket..

Total damage: 1134(cam) + 118(dry cab) = $1252!!

Brought the standard kit: 1 x body, 1 x 18-15mm EF IS lens, 1 x 4gb SDHC, 1 x extra batt, 1 x bag

front view.. love this cam.. i like the feel of it

yet to buy a screen protector.. gotta get it soon.. my face is damn oily..

DIGICAB Dry cabinet.. comes with 5 yrs warranty.

hmm still a noobie.. so pardon my pics haha

blurred out background.. but.. my unsteady hands make the zouf abit blur also.. need to train my hands!!
like this pic most.. but then.. again.. my hand..

kinda like this pic too.. the view n angle..

wanted to focus on the head with the gun and the background blurred out..
4 more papers to go.. after that will have more time to take pic n continue on my gundam..
Update to WIP:

Heavy arms: hmm started spraying the colors.. but stop due to exam.. hopefully to finish it after my exam end.. will post more pic of it when its done..
that's all for now.. stay tune for more updates.. most prob will in in dec.. haha