Tuesday, August 26, 2008


hmm long time since i last post anything.. hmm things doesnt seems to go well the past wk..


AT LAST i got my primer mixed!! thanks serene!!! for the "pi pa gao" bottle haha hmm owe u lunch though -_-.. the primer is mixed with thinner ratio 1:1 wonder how many model will it last..

hmm wanted to start spraying the 2 WIP model but i havent set up my spray booth this few days kp on rain rain rain.. hmm too wet.. might affect the color.. haiz hope for sunny day soon!

since no WIP i shall post the models i have yet to fixed!! lol it is damn addictive.. just buy n buy n buy even though i stil have.... i'm running out of space to kp them!!!!

hmm lots of 1/144 hg.. fm seed series.. so tempted to buy the 00 series!! but no place to kp liao.. hmm there is my first 1/100 MG kit!! Zeta!! hmm also the 1/60 damn BIG force impulse gundam!!

The biggest box lol also the most ex!! hmm its 1/144 meteor unit.. simply love it!!

kero kero kero kero... haha at last i found Dororo the forgotten one.. just got it today fm metro
anyone know any streaming sites for keroro gunso? i only manage to watch until ep 125 -_-zzzz...
hmm ok break over.. back to study!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Damien Rice


hmm.. been hearing this song for a few days.. think i finally understand.. not this song.. but her nick..

anyway its a nice song.. hmm the 3 song r volcano, cannonball and unplayed piano by daimen rice..

hmm think u gotta pause the main page song at the ipod there b4 u can listen to this song..

hope u like it too..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My airbrush!!!

wohoo!! at last i got my compressor n airbrush haha got quite a few stuffs also.. lol

total DMG: approx $430.. haiz.. gotta eat air for the next few wks liao lol

Friday, August 1, 2008

WIP: Heavy Arms!!

Hmm Gundam wing series was the anime that spark the interest in gunpla for me.. i was so crazy over it that i collected the whole wing series gundam haha i got 9 models on gundam wing series haha

got this model like when i was in sec sch.. it was one of my fav gundam.. damn power with lots of fire power..

Didnt really know much abt gunpla at that time so just cut n snap.. blah blah blah gd thing i nv use any glue.. haha now then i notice my cutting is horrible.. i'm having alot of trouble sealing up those holes n seamlines with putty now haha and sanding sanding sanding.. alot alot of sanding to cover up the mistake i did last time haha

this the pic of the manual.. but mine is 1/100 NG.. not HG..

this was in the wing series the first heavy arms.. i love this color scheme so most prob will b using this color. wonder how it will turn out lol

NOT ENOUGH PRIMER!!! zzz luckily i finish priming the parts before the primer runs out

hmm a rough fixed up of the body of heavy arms.. i have no idea y the proportion of the wing series is so off.. the leg is so damn long and the body is so short.. thinking of extending the body abit but.. 2nd tot.. think i just go with the original..
still can see some seamlines.. tat would mean more sanding!!! OMG..

some parts have to be modified for ease of painting.. hmm i did a few mod to the head, shoulder n the weapons..

hmm as seen, i remove the plastic parts in the head itself, n cut up the eye part.

this is one of the weapon part. it is fixed to the side skirt. hmm it is movable.

the working mechanism is something like a T-slot. so wat i did was to cut off the T joint and enlarge the hole. in this way, the weapon can b fixed onto the side skirt w/o dropping off while moving.

the arms are white while the shoulder are red.. hmm its gg to one hell of a masking if i dun do anything.. hmm as seen in the pic, i make a slot at the circular part.

hmm after the color is up, all u need to do is to push the arm into the slot made.

hmm thats all for the update now.. hmm looking fwd to get my airbrush n compressor
then i can start spraying the colors
but my gouf will come first.. haha b4 working on this heavy arms any further..
tune in for more updates!!
and.. pls comments hahaa

WIP: Gouf Ignitied Part II

Part II of the gouf ignited:
hmm orginal head comes with the hose fitting.. hmm but decided to go w/o it.. haha
so gotta seal up the gaps

after curing of expoy putty.. time for sanding!!
first the mouth part..

then the back of the head..

Its done!!

Next will be up the Primer to c whether there is any uneven surface.
but i ran out of primer!! gotta pay HAG a visit.. hmm wan to get the compressor also haha