Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Japan trip - Hokkaido n Toyko

Phew.. damn long didnt post anything

Nearing the end of 2009.. haha post a last post b4 the arrival of 2010.. started working as a financial consultant.. kinda bz dun really have time to make any models (act is i lazy la) haha

Anyway here is the best 50 pics i have chosen out of the 1500 pics i posted in facebook..


Wishes everyone a happy new 2010!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist

Yo.. studying for my HI test tmr.. sianz... haha

anyway found this vid.. opening theme song for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood! my fav song now.. the singer , YUI damn chio also ahha

anyway enjoy the vid!

thats all for now!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shin Musha n my Crocs hoot

Yo ppl!! I"VE SUCCESSFULLY GRADUATED FROM NTU!!!! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!! lol man i was damn worried when the result were release.. really thank god for helping me!! haha hmm ok so here are some updates

The humidity has been quite high lately.. so i stopped my sprayign for Zeta C1.. the compressor has too much water vapor.. zzz so i started fixing up my Shin Musha!! Man i am totally amazed with the articluation of Musha.. it is amazing.. maybe coz this is my 2nd MG Kit.. seriously this kit is worth every single cent u paid for it!!
so lets view the pics i've taken.. the kit is unprimed just original plastic

Front View

Rear View

Sitting down..

some action view

haha so far i only done up the samurai sword.. this kit still has a Gun and a spear!! amazing man!! i love this kit!! even without spraying, it looks damn nice!!
so far thats all for the gundams.. just went to the Crocs sale the other day at Expo.. man the queue is horrible!! it is worse than NATAS Fair!!! WTH man.. n who say Crocs is ugly!!
so this are some of my hoots:

my new slipper!!

my new shoe.. man this shoe is FREAKING comfortable la!! and its only 40 bucks!! i took the blue color initally ahha but i went to change for this lime green haha its exactly the same color as my first phone haha man.. love it! hmm but think i'm gonna have some prob matching it with my clothes! lol

i like this pic! lol

this is a handphone pouch lol 10 bucks only!! n its damn cute!

Front View

Rear View

Logo View

Side View

HAHA nice rite lol.. anyway thats all now! need to start read up on my insurance notes!!.. hmm i'm gonna be an insurance agent!! so if any of u wish to buy any insurance or need some finanical planning.. can look for me!!! lol hmm from august onwards lol

ok thats all for now!! hope the weather will b good and i can continue my zeta!!
stay tune for more updates!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At last!! Gaia Gundam completed!!

YO!! at last i finish Gaia!! still thinking whether if i should up the matt coat.. i quite like it w/o matt coat.. mayb i will up the matt coat tog with zeta when i complete it ba hahaha
so here are the pics!! * alamak something wrong with it again.. unable to display the full view.. pls click on the pic for full view!!! sorry!!

i like the pic.. the dreamy effect haha its not intended though.. its caused by hand shake haha

front view post.. trying to make it look cool.. wat do u think?

back view..cool ? haha duno why today keep on wanna bring out the cool factor of this kit

the legs articulation for this kit is good! plus the mod i do to the torso and arm haha manage to achieve this pose.. it would have been nicer if the torso could bend forward more.. guess thats the limitation to my skills.. hope tallgeese will be better!

anyother fighting pose

side view of the fighting pose

i like this pose..

same pose but focus on the gun tip instead

you can see the torso part is divided into 3 parts.. allowing it to twist and bend forward

this the limit of how much it can bend forward.. i wish i can achieve whitebase standard. his torso mod is damn power.. can say is flawless.. mine has alot of flaws

i mod the arm joint to be a ball joint to have better articulation..

ok that's all for GAIA!! hope you guys like it
will be off to genting tmr for hols wif my uni frens! haha so stay tune for pics of genting.. most prob will post on sat!! so till then!!

STay tune!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Marina Barrage Photoshoot

Yo! EXAM OVER LO!!!! haha at last.. i hope i don't fail any this sem!! haha pray for me..

went for photo shoot at marina barrage yesterday. hmm do give me some comments on the pics! thanks!

PLS cliok on the pic to view the full size duno y it cant show the full pic.. weird

there are few version of the ferris wheel pls vote the the better one!! 1st 2nd or 3rd one better?

trying to capture some moments of the people there.. took alot but only selected this 3.. the others are badly taken.. sianz

thats all for now!! currently preparing my FYP presentation on monday after that i will continue my gundam!! haha hmm almost done with tallgeese leg.. and cut apart the torso part liao.. haha major mod again hope its will turn out well.. will b applying the matt coat for gaia and i be posting it up soon!!

so stay tune for more updates!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Some updates

YO.. its saturday.. and i'm at home.. rotting.. haha so decided to take some pics n update my blog abit..

At last!! i brought my shin musha!! OMG the more i c this kit the more i love it!!

i see the number of parts.. i start to have nightmares!! but i still love this kit!!

AH! AT last also i got my hands on this kit! WING GUNDAM VER KA haha all time fav!

the parts are lesser than Musha.. heng.. but its not going to be an easy build though..

brought this 2 books from one of the plamo guys.. very interesting.. but i dun understand a single word written in it.. i should get a JAP gf to translate for me haha

hmm did some sanding this morning.. my desk is quite messy ah

haha rework of my SD gundam.. damn old liao man this kit.. haha just apply cement.. waiting for sanding..

This point onwards will be some sneak preview of my current WIP.
GAIA gundam!! could have completed this kit last wk! but i missed out some parts for spraying!! zzz so gotta wait till.. duno when.. haha so jsut some preview of it

i did a torso and upper body mod for this.. as u can see the torso i separate it into 3 sections.. hmm i followed closely to whitebase WIP guide.. hmm but my skill is far fm his.. hmm next to do more torso mod!!
i removed the original shoulder connector and replace with a ball joint to improve the articulation
i should have boarden the shoulder area.. its so.. out of portion haiz too late..

but overall i'm quite satisfied with the mod i done to the kit.. stay tune for the post on GAIA where i will post more detail WIP n action pose haha
Next up
ZETA C1 PLus!! hmm all the parts are ready for priming.. hmm going the change the color scheme abit.. hmm kp in suspense first.. so enjoy the pics! didnt do any mod on it coz its a MG kit..

the long long weapon...
Next up
guess which gundam this parts belong to haha going to do some major mod on it also.. so far i've done the leg part haha follow closely to whitebase WIP guide haha

still half way done..

think you see the upper torso you "ah ga" know what gundam it is liao.. its tallgeese!! haha all time fav also.. going to do some major mod to it also.. hmm hopefully it will be sucessful.. still in the planning stage.. what whitebase did to his tallgeese is.. amazing..
hmm guess that's all for today update!! hmm look forward to my complete kit ba!!
stay tune.. till then..