Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zeta C1 Plus

Hi everyone! haha i wonder who actually view my blog.. hahaha anyway at last i finished up Zeta C1 plus.. i got this kit like 2 yrs back i think.. i rem i used her voucher to buy together wif sgt keroro haha sure bring back some memories..

Anyway hope u guys like the pics n model..

Changed the color scheme abit.. all grey is damn ugly.. aha hmm the decal from this kit is horrible also.. so took some decal fm my other kits..

Change the gattling gun at the head to metal part. I wanted the kit to b 03.. but then i ruin the 03 one zzzz left wif 02

the weapon is damn long lo..

did some light shading.. first time attempt to do shading..

seriously i prefer the kit w/o the jetpack n wings.. looks like more fierce.. n got the fighter look

Fighter pose..

i like this pic the most.. top down.. nice..

hmm that's all for now.. hope u guys like the kit i do.. hmm time to move on to the next kit..

Thanks for viewing.. till the next update.. Take care!!