Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At last!! Gaia Gundam completed!!

YO!! at last i finish Gaia!! still thinking whether if i should up the matt coat.. i quite like it w/o matt coat.. mayb i will up the matt coat tog with zeta when i complete it ba hahaha
so here are the pics!! * alamak something wrong with it again.. unable to display the full view.. pls click on the pic for full view!!! sorry!!

i like the pic.. the dreamy effect haha its not intended though.. its caused by hand shake haha

front view post.. trying to make it look cool.. wat do u think?

back view..cool ? haha duno why today keep on wanna bring out the cool factor of this kit

the legs articulation for this kit is good! plus the mod i do to the torso and arm haha manage to achieve this pose.. it would have been nicer if the torso could bend forward more.. guess thats the limitation to my skills.. hope tallgeese will be better!

anyother fighting pose

side view of the fighting pose

i like this pose..

same pose but focus on the gun tip instead

you can see the torso part is divided into 3 parts.. allowing it to twist and bend forward

this the limit of how much it can bend forward.. i wish i can achieve whitebase standard. his torso mod is damn power.. can say is flawless.. mine has alot of flaws

i mod the arm joint to be a ball joint to have better articulation..

ok that's all for GAIA!! hope you guys like it
will be off to genting tmr for hols wif my uni frens! haha so stay tune for pics of genting.. most prob will post on sat!! so till then!!

STay tune!!!

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