Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shin Musha n my Crocs hoot

Yo ppl!! I"VE SUCCESSFULLY GRADUATED FROM NTU!!!! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!! lol man i was damn worried when the result were release.. really thank god for helping me!! haha hmm ok so here are some updates

The humidity has been quite high lately.. so i stopped my sprayign for Zeta C1.. the compressor has too much water vapor.. zzz so i started fixing up my Shin Musha!! Man i am totally amazed with the articluation of Musha.. it is amazing.. maybe coz this is my 2nd MG Kit.. seriously this kit is worth every single cent u paid for it!!
so lets view the pics i've taken.. the kit is unprimed just original plastic

Front View

Rear View

Sitting down..

some action view

haha so far i only done up the samurai sword.. this kit still has a Gun and a spear!! amazing man!! i love this kit!! even without spraying, it looks damn nice!!
so far thats all for the gundams.. just went to the Crocs sale the other day at Expo.. man the queue is horrible!! it is worse than NATAS Fair!!! WTH man.. n who say Crocs is ugly!!
so this are some of my hoots:

my new slipper!!

my new shoe.. man this shoe is FREAKING comfortable la!! and its only 40 bucks!! i took the blue color initally ahha but i went to change for this lime green haha its exactly the same color as my first phone haha man.. love it! hmm but think i'm gonna have some prob matching it with my clothes! lol

i like this pic! lol

this is a handphone pouch lol 10 bucks only!! n its damn cute!

Front View

Rear View

Logo View

Side View

HAHA nice rite lol.. anyway thats all now! need to start read up on my insurance notes!!.. hmm i'm gonna be an insurance agent!! so if any of u wish to buy any insurance or need some finanical planning.. can look for me!!! lol hmm from august onwards lol

ok thats all for now!! hope the weather will b good and i can continue my zeta!!
stay tune for more updates!!

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