Tuesday, August 26, 2008


hmm long time since i last post anything.. hmm things doesnt seems to go well the past wk..


AT LAST i got my primer mixed!! thanks serene!!! for the "pi pa gao" bottle haha hmm owe u lunch though -_-.. the primer is mixed with thinner ratio 1:1 wonder how many model will it last..

hmm wanted to start spraying the 2 WIP model but i havent set up my spray booth this few days kp on rain rain rain.. hmm too wet.. might affect the color.. haiz hope for sunny day soon!

since no WIP i shall post the models i have yet to fixed!! lol it is damn addictive.. just buy n buy n buy even though i stil have.... i'm running out of space to kp them!!!!

hmm lots of 1/144 hg.. fm seed series.. so tempted to buy the 00 series!! but no place to kp liao.. hmm there is my first 1/100 MG kit!! Zeta!! hmm also the 1/60 damn BIG force impulse gundam!!

The biggest box lol also the most ex!! hmm its 1/144 meteor unit.. simply love it!!

kero kero kero kero... haha at last i found Dororo the forgotten one.. just got it today fm metro
anyone know any streaming sites for keroro gunso? i only manage to watch until ep 125 -_-zzzz...
hmm ok break over.. back to study!!!

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