Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eggplane F16

haha one shot post 2 post haha dun miss my previous post on plamo workshop!

this is the F16 egg plane that i've done.. quite badly done.. the decal.. haiz.. anyway lesson learnt! will do a better job next time.. so just bear with me and hope u enjoy the plane!! nonetheless its still damn cute la! haha

hmm just brought my wing zero ver ka b4 CNY haha damn excited abt it.. hmm now is in my cupboard haha hmm gg to start doing it after i finish p my zeta c1 and gaia hmm anyway both r done waiting for painting haha will get it done soon i hope.. so kp a lookout for my update
1 more wk b4 i get my hands on MG Musha!! haha excited!!
so stay tune till then!!

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