Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just some pics..

Yo.. today went to Fox racing to get some clothes then head down to little india.. trying to snap some pic
halfway through it started to rain zzz

my fav pic of the day.. THe Cat

another lazy cat

feels gd to take a nap in the afternoon.

wonder what he looking at

read from CS that if adjusting the aperture rite you can actually make the fences infront of you disappear haha in my case.. failure.. haha try again next time

letter box.. the hse behind seems abandon but the letter box is damn new.. weird

some alley.. so many aircon units..

birds on the lamp post..

the big tree in the middle of all the housing

church.. i took it at the wrong angle.. actually wanted to show its symmetry.. haha

hmm as u can c in the pic.. the dark clouds approaching haha
tmr will be at seng plc for some xmas gathering.. look forward to the pic!
stay tune till then..

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