Friday, December 5, 2008

i'm really bored.. my toy collection

i should be writing my FYP report and drawing the design.. but i'm updating my blog haha
damn sian la.. hols liao still must write report.. haiz

anyway, today update will be abt the toys collection i have.. hmm not really toy collection.. hmm should say recollection of my childhood memories ba.. haha

BOMBERMAN!! haha 3 combine 1 haha can shoot out marble also ah.. dun play play.. haha the stickers all start to fade liao.. hmm thinking if i should do some spraying on it haha..

u guys still rem last time supermarket got sell those box.. then inside got chocolate and toy.. haha those were my fav collection haha everytime go supermarket thats the only section i go to haha

this is my fav.. haha thinking of doing some rework n painting but then.. its so dman small.. hmm when my skill reach "there" liao then start on this haha thinking of white n blue color scheme as its a police robo..

this a dragon robot.. hmm think that time was the era of godzilla haha thats y i also crazy over this..
duno what robo is this.. but looks not bad.. the shield.. hmm wonder which robo i take from..
another clueless robo..
this a fierce robo with alot of weapons.. but i lost it.. haiz

GOGO POWER RANGER!! haha cool eh.. think this the 1st version of power ranger haha now duno evolve until like what liao.. horrible.. there are 5 robot that form up this giant.. haha lazy to separate them.. haha

All time fav.. STAR SABER!! where the hell is VICTORY LEO!! last time cant find it at all lo.. kns.. now got.. but cost like 300++ crazy man.. i can buy at least 2-3 PG gundam lo.. haha

One of the bad guys in transformers.. its quit rare for me to buy a "bad guy" char haha think coz when it transformed into a plane i really love it.. haha
One of the Transformers series.. the siren light used to be working even got sound somemore lo.. used to play it eveyr night before i sleep haha

Transformed into an ambulance
this is one of my few bday present i recieve when i was young.. think its my mum who bought it for me.. it can be tranformed into a tank..

Transformed into tank.. there is a small robo that comes along with it.. but.. haiz.. MIA the weapon also gone.. haiz

hmm duno what robo is this.. but cfm its not one of the transformers series.. quite nice.. love it lower part transformed into a bullet train while the top is a plane

this a little robo thta comes along with it..

Tranformers - hmm i have no idea what the name of this robo.. haha it can be transformed into a plane haha

Sonic Saber i think.. my cousin got the victory magnum or something.. last time no $$ get those track.. in the end we use the drain as our track haha the cars are faster than us!! in the end the car always crash stop haha.. those were the days.. haha hmm trying to modify the body abit.. before spraying haha

avanta or something haha black special one ok.. black translucent body haha hmm swee bo? haha dun play play with this ah.. last time i brought a modified motor from my friend.. this car is so fast that it flew out of the track when it corner haha

Lego.. this is what's left of my huge collection of LEGO!! @#$%#.. think i "threw" away the others when i shifted house in 2000.. haiz.. this 2 are my fav

Spiderman - classic.. wonder y i buy this haha cant stand properly.. weird shape haha but it can pose quite a few posture haha mayb tat y i brought it

shark attack or something.. cant really rem haha big muscle!! if my arms are like that haha

Megaman - got this when i was in sec sch.. haha hmm athe sticker n gold starts to fade away.. sobsob
Another Megaman...

hmm cant rem what cartoon this is from.. quite cool eh..

Mask rider black - another classic jap drama.. haha nv miss any of the epsiode last time haha the action he does before he transform haha omg..

Ironman - a movie been release this yr! man the ironman looks damn cool la.. this ironman.. got it long time ago.. as u can c the front of the belt is gone!! the weapon also!! the jetpack also!! argh!! used to be crazy over ironman also.. think this is one of the toys that spark the interest in engineering haha wrong move........ deadly one somemore.. too late to regret..
Double dragon - this another classic fighting cartoon.. double dragon.. i got this char n my cousin got the other.. wodner if he still has it haha

Donatello - one of the ninja turtles haha lost his weapon!! haha this toy can turn into a turtle haha
Captain Planet!! who rem this?! haha "with your powers combine.. i.. am .. captain planet!!" haha still can rem the song haha come to think of it.. its the only cartoon that feature a environment saving hero!! haha

Captain Amercia- all time fav haha where's the shield!!! still rem the shield can shoot one haha
Batman!! - got this duno when.. most prob when i in pri sch.. that time when i was totally crazy over batman!! this used to have a jetpack n some weapons.. hmm.. wonder where is it haha

that's all for my toys..

i know this pic is totally OT (off-topic) haha but kinda like the shot of this so decide to post it
MARIGOLD CARROT JUICE & MIXED FRUIT.. a packet a day, my ezcema pls go away!! my ezcema is back!! sianz.. my face is in a v bad condition.. haiz..
that's all for now.. back to rotting... haha
stay tune for more updates!!

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