Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yo! 1st post of the year haha at last i finish up my GOUF and HEAVY ARMS!!! haha
here are the pics!!

Front View : applied some decal

Back View
Now are some action pose!

damn sian la.. "frosting" at the shoulder there lo.. zzz

FREEZE!!! or i'll shoot

kinda like this pic.. the top down angle

Gouf Ignite with BLaze Zaku Phantom haha

hmm thats all for GOUF.. hmm overall still quite happy the model.. except for the panel lining and top coat!! argh..
ok..up next is HEAVY ARMS

haha that's all for HEAVY ARMS haha didn't open up the chest shoulder and leg ammuntion compartment.. coz i screw up over there haha it's horrible haha
Overall this kit still ok.. have a hard time doing the rework and touchup haha saem as the gouf.. the thing that i'm most unsatisfied with is the frost on some parts and the panel lining.. damn i need more practise on panel lining man..
i have 2 WIP now.. Zeta C1 Plus and Gaia.. haha my 1st MG kit Zeta C1.. i stop that for now.. MG really requires alot of work man.. haha as for Gaia.. i did a major op on it haha now facing some prob also haha hope it will turn out well haha
so that's all for now!! stay tune for more updates!

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